I just noticed that this got posted as an October 13 post – which is the day I sarted a draft copy, to make this an ongoing list. I didn’t finish this until October 29th, which is the actual day it was posted. Not sure how to change this in blogger – anyone?

Here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to in Druidry practice for the month of October. I’ve arranged it as though I’m working on the second degree curriculum – I appealed to JMG to “skip ahead,” and I’ve yet to hear the results of that appeal. Over the course of the month, I’ve realized that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to do Candidate work for a year – there’s always more to learn down that path. So this could all get reorganized into a “first degree” format. Either way is becoming OK with me.

The Earth Path

-Gathered dandelion root, burdock root, chamomile and rosehips in the park; brought several students to show how to find and gather wild plants in an urban setting
-Bought and started using a kitchen compost pail, in order to become more conscientious about composting kitchen waste – I compost already but sporadically, as often I was just too lazy/busy to walk the scraps all the way down to the heap. Now with this bucket, I can fill it in the kitchen and empty it once a week.
-Wrote a short essay on foraging as a Druid practice
-Meditated daily, did Sphere of Protection daily.
-Planned, designed and carried out three completely different Samhain rituals: the one from the Handbook (solitary), one for my Witch circle, and one for my magic group.
Books read:
Theodore Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends
Mother Earth News
Yes, it’s not on the reading list, but I have a subscription and read it every month. It counts.

Water Path
-Took three students on an herb walk; explained spiritual importance of gathering and using herbal medicine.
Books read:
Judy Harrow, Spiritual Mentoring: A Pagan Guide

Fire path
-Memorized opening of Druid Grove ritual
-Created and conducted Samhain ceremony
-Performed Candidate initiation on myself
Books read:
Pauline Campanelli, Wheel of the Year: Living the Magical Life
John Michael Greer, Inside a Magical Lodge

Air path
Books read:
Sir Thomas Malory, Mort d’Arthur – still in progress, actually
Ross Nichols, Book of Druidry – also still in progress – this book will take me a decade or so to get through, and then I’ll find things I missed and need to start over. I’m including it on the Air path because I see it as Revival scholarship, but it could go anywhere. There’s a whole lifetime worth of work in this one book.

Spirit path
Found and pledged myself to Lugh as my patron deity (saying this is very quick but wow is this a huge deal for me).
Books read:
John Michael Greer, A World Full of Gods (again, not on the list but I think it belongs here)

Healing Spiral:
-Collected herbs, selected (or was selected by) Dandelion as my green ally for the coming year.
Ellen Evert Hopman, A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year

Divination Spiral
-Started ogham notebook, began working with ogham sticks as divination tool
-Memorized the first aicme – symbol, names, meaning, elemental associations and divinatory meanings for each one.
Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Wisdom Sticks: An Ogam Oracle
John Michael Greer, The Druidry Handbook – so far this is my main source for Ogham information.

Music path:
Started practicing the tin whistle regularly. I’m finally starting to figure out ornamentation, however slightly.
Books: The Clarke Tin Whistle Book (a how-to book)