This whole Druid thing started for me with Lugh. He showed up around June of this year and said, “OK, now you need to learn about me and about your ancestors.” This was a little confusing to me since I’d never done a whole lot of studying or work on the Celtic path, and I had a longstanding allergy to the ADF, which I’m trying to get over. I also have no more than a few drops of Scottish or Irish blood in me. I knew without a doubt who the god was talking to me, though, and I’m not one to ignore a message like that. So I started reading about Celtic mythology, history, and druidry, which led me to the AODA.

Out of curiousity about my ancestors, I’ve been doing some genealogical research. My dad’s side of the family is all Acadian. My last name is Acadian, I look kind of Acadian, and it’s an easy and well-documented line to trace. My ancestors on this continent (on that side of the family) all came from a band of about 100 families that traveled to Acadia in the 1600’s. Their names appear all over my family tree – I have the last name of one of the families, but I’m descended from pretty much all of them. So I looked for the place in France where they came from.

They all came from the vicinity of the town of Loudun, about 60 km south of Tours – smack dab in the heart of old Gaul. So there’s that Celtic ancestry I was looking for. What’s more, a little research into the town of Loudun revealed that the name came from “Lugudunum,” meaning “fort of Lugus.”