In order to keep myself on track, I’m going to make a list of goals for each month, and then report on what I actually accomplish at the end of the month. Here’s my list for November:

November goals:

Earth path

-Daily SoP
-Daily meditation

Water path

-Read Philip Carr-Gomm, The Druid Way (Shaftesbury: Element, 1993).

Fire path

-Memorize closing of ritual, work with full ritual form at least once a week

Air path

-Finish Malory, read Gareth Knight, start Geoffrey of Monmouth

Spirit path

-Read Jim Nollman, Spiritual Ecology (New York: Bantam, 1990
-Finish “Where the Wasteland Ends”

Music spiral

-Practice whistle at least 10 minutes a day. Memorize 3 more tunes.

Divination spiral

-Memorize first 10 oghams – names, trees, elemental correspondances, divinatory meanings.

Healing spiral

Work with Dandelion daily

Elective spiral (Organic gardening)

-Read “Square Foot Gardening”
-start planning next year’s garden, find out about community resources.