December was a slow sleepy month for me in some ways. My activity levels were pretty low, but there was actually quite a bit going on at deeper levels.

Earth path:

1. Some nice outdoor meditations, the usual seasonal gardening stuff, that sort of thing. We also got totally switched over to compact flourescents this month – the electric bill has already gone down as a result.

2. I participated in Llyn Hydd Grove’s Yule ceremony, which I enjoyed very much. I’m looking forward to getting to know this group better. I also did a solitary AODA ritual on Solstice morning. My usual group didn’t meet this month – I feel like my energy isn’t going that way anymore and I feel a little bad about that.

3. Daily meditation, of course

Water Path
I haven’t done much on this path, at least in any outward way – I’ve really kept to myself this month. I read Philip Carr-Gomm’s “The Druid Way,” which was truly inspiring and felt like a great leap forward in my understanding of my spirituality.

Fire Path
I’ve been doing the AODA ritual form at least twice a week, usually more. This Yule was the first time in a few years that I haven’t done a ritual of my own composition – I let Llyn Hydd and the Druidry Handbook tell me what to do instead.

Air Path
I read Beresford-Ellis’ and Stuart Piggot’s books on the Druids.

Spirit Path
I don’t know that I’ve done anything overt on this path this month – though it’s interesting that I decided to look into studying Episcopalian Christianity and suddenly found a grove led by a former Episcopalian minister.

Music – Tin whistle is coming along nicely. It’s really fun for me.
Divination – I’ve been doing a daily Ogham divination. Nothing too interesting to report yet – I need more practice and familiarity with it.
Healing – my usual herbalism stuff
Fiber art – this has been a HUGE success for me – I crocheted a scarf and a hat and am ridiculously proud that they both came out well.