OK, time to review what I did in March

Earth path:
Get outside for at least twice a week – this doesn’t include walking to and from work, but going out for the specific reason of Going Out and visiting the deer herd, or seeing the plants start to return, or just walking out the door and following my feet. – Didn’t quite make twice a week. Once a week is a more reasonable goal for this, and it’s what I’m going for in April.

Attend the Llyn Hydd Equinox ceremony, Create and lead the ritual for my pagan group, Do a solitary version of the AODA Alban Eiler ceremony- This was wierd. The LlynHydd ceremony was canceled because of an ice storm, and my group didn’t get together, for a variety of reasons. It was my first time doing a holiday solitary in a long time. I still did two ceremonies – one with my husband (that should have had two other people, but both of them had to cancel. Hm.) and the AODA one by myself.
Daily meditation, including work with the Avalon stuff I just found No problems here. I love the Avalon stuff, and I’m working on my application for the SoA.

Edited to add: I also paid for this year’s CSA – hooray for tax returns. Starting in May we’ll have a steady supply of fresh produce. I also just planted lettuce, but I think that’s technically an April accomplishment.

Water Path
I have had in mind for some time to start a Druidry discussion group – I am going to take steps this month to make it happen, probably by talking it over with my Llyn Hydd friends.
Well, Llyn Hydd didn’t meet, but I did get to talk about this a little with one of them. Going to work on this more in April.

Fire Path
I want to really study the Candidate Initation – not from the perspective of one who has taken it but as one who may someday give it. I want to break it down and work with coming to understand it.
This was an interesting exercise. I’m going to do the same thing this month with the next initiation. Can’t say much more than that here.

Air Path
I want to write two book reviews, of Piggot and Ellis, and post them here. I’ve been looking at the ADF Dedicant program, and while I still don’t particularly want to get involved with the ADF, they are a large and important Druid group and I would like to come to know them better, so I’m starting in on some of the Dedicant work. Most of it overlaps nicely with AODA work, so I see at as a sort of a supplement to the Air Path. I might do my “modern Druidry” paper on the ADF.
I did a review of Ellis, posted here, which I still feel needs some work. The energy that would have gone into writing about Piggot went into thinking about the reconstructionist aspect of the ADF. I still feel pretty ambivalent about the ADF. I like so much of what they do, but every time I start to really work with it I find some reason to get critical and take a few steps back. I’m going to have to look at that some more.

Spirit Path
I feel like this part of the path is kind of on hold for me – I have enough else going on right now that I’m not going to think in any explicit way about this aspect this month. Some of it is always churning along in the background, though.

Music Spiral
Practice my tin whistle every day; play “The Parting Glass” nicely
Yep. Continuing with this.

Divination spiral
I’ve started a practice of drawing an Ogham before bed, reading the entry on it in Mountfort, and falling asleep meditating on it. I’m continuing this practice through March until I have done this with each one at least once.
Once again – yep. I may start doing blog entries on individual Ogham fews, as an exercise.

Wool spiral
Continue with my crochet project and with spinning practice. I want to learn to knit this month as well. I would like to be able to consistently produce workable yarn with the spindle by the end of the month. We’ll see.
I’m wearing a hat right now that I knit this week. I really like knitting. I still am not very good at spinning. I think I need a better spindle. I did go to the thrift store and spend $2 on a sweater and a blanket, which I am harvesting yarn from. It’s time-consuming but I’m getting lots of yarn almost for free. I can unravel yarn while watching TV or reading a book, so it’s a way to make down time more productive while recycling.