I managed somehow to put up a blank post – instead of just deleting it I’m filling it in. This was part of my super-long “fiction” post below, but I cut it because the post was already too long.

I have recently become interested in Avalonian spirituality. Well, I always have been, but I pushed it away because I thought of it as too fictional, too imaginary. Everyone involved in it seems to think Marion Zimmer Bradley was divinely inspired, though they will be quick to deny that their spirituality is based on her books. I have to admit that I have never read the Mists of Avalon. I started it and got about a page into it when I decided that her style was too irritating for me. I don’t mind bad writing if it knows what it is – pulpy sci-fi or juvenile fantasy or even really horrible and smutty romance novels can be totally absorbing and fun. It’s when the cheesy fantasy author thinks she is writing Serious Literature that I get annoyed. I pegged Bradley that way after the first page or so and stopped reading.


I might have been too quick to judge, or unfair – so many seem to love it. I’m conflicted about whether to give it another shot, and now that my spirituality has become partly bound up in Avalon it’s an important decision to me as to whether I should read it. Fictional characters tend to take up lots of space in the imagination, and are hard to shake – after reading, and not particularly liking, Morgan Llewellyn’s The Druids, her Vercingetorix is now who I imagine when I read about the historical Vercingetorix. I’m annoyed by this but there is little I can do about it now. If I read Bradley, will her Avalon supplant mine? I’m fine with that if I like her Avalon, but if I don’t I might be stuck with it.