Time to look back on April and see what I’ve done.

Goals – Once a week, go for a walk with the intention of better connecting to the local environment. Do the appropriate gardening tasks for April (cleaning up, planting peas, preparing beds). Turn OFF my computer when not using it in order to save power – I’m looking around for areas in my life where I’m wasteful and this is one. Check, check and check – done it all. We actually ate the first “harvest” of the year last night – romaine and arugula salad from the big pot on the porch steps. “Porch salad,” my husband called it. I’m going to do lots of containter gardening this year so porch salad should get more varied and interesting.

Go to Llyn Hydd Beltaine, which is on the 29th this month, and my pagan group’s Beltaine, which is on the 28th – I know Beltaine is technically May but both groups are doing the weekend thing for convenience. My personal Beltaine ceremony will be in May. Llyn Hydd Beltaine was great (see below) but my pagan group once again did not meet. Might be time to put that group to bed with some kind of closure ceremony.

Continue with the Difficult Questions series of blog posts, either from Sylvan’s book or from other sources I may come across. OK – didn’t do as many of these as I wanted but I sure did type out a lot of words this month.Work on starting that study group. I connected with another AODA person in the area and we’ve emailed about it, but it still hasn’t really gotten past the “talking about it” phase.

Write that review of Piggott that I meant to do last month. Continue examining the history and practices of the ADF. Read up on Welsh mythology. Once again I didn’t do the Piggot review. It’s staying on the to-do list until it happens. I read through enormous amounts of the ADF’s website and feel like I know a little more. I read Patrick Ford’s translation of the Mabinogi this month and loved it.

I’ve recently gotten interested in the American transcendentalists, Emerson and Thoreau and such, and I want to read some more on that. I want to reread “Self Reliance” from the perspective of a modern American student of druidry. I did this but I haven’t really written about it yet, and I’m not sure it counts until I write something, either here or in my private journal. So writing about Transcendentalism goes on the to-do list, as well.
Spirals –Music – keep plugging away at the tinwhistle. I totally failed at tinwhistle this month – I only practiced a few times. I’m not sure why – I think it’s because I’m at a plateau in learning and am not enjoying the thrill of getting a little better each time – I need to make some kind of change. I can’t afford lessons but I might try a new book to shake things up a bit.

Divination – I got through the whole Ogham doing a nightly meditation on each one last month. Now, I want to do something a little more involved – an Ogham a month. According to an Ogham calender I found online, April is associated with Huath, the Hawthorn. So this month is Huath. This was interesting and I really enjoyed getting to know Huath so well – going to keep going with this.

Fiber craft – practice more knitting. I’m working on a very light, airy blue spring shawl right now, and would like to finish that. Shawl is done and now I’m working on a sweater.

Healing – my husband tore a ligament in his knee last week, and I’m determined to help him fix it without surgery He needs surgery. The tear is in avascular tissue that cannot heal. He’s getting the surgery this month – yay for good health insurance – but at least I learned all kinds of interesting things about knees while researching the options.

2 Responses to “April accomplishments”

  1. Maebius Says:

    Seems things are coming along nicely for you. I love the idea of Porch Salad!! Our weeds in NY are just starting to poke their sprouts up, so it will be another week or two before I can make mint tea and violet leaf salad.

    I wouldn’t worry about the tinwhistle -too- much, other than to try playing a few tunes you already know without the music in front of you. Then, if you are feeling particularly creative, try playing some songs you know like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” by ear. I’m no Real Musician, so don’t take that suggestion as TinWhistle Canon. Might switch your brain into a nice challenge to re-inspire you.

    And sorry to hear B’s knee is hurt so badly. Yay for medical insurance indeed, I’ll be collecting soem comfrey in massive qualtities to help afterwards (once the leaves start appearing from under the dirt).

  2. nettle Says:

    Last night’s Porch Salad also included violet leaf, dandelion leaf, and some violet flowers. I didn’t think of that as “counting” but I suppose eating weeds is pretty solid Earth Path work.
    Your tinwhistle suggestion is good – I do play songs I know without “reading” them but I haven’t tried playing a song I haven’t learned by ear – I think I need to get more playful with it.
    B.’s knee is hurt but it’s more of an inconvenient kind of hurt than it is woeful agony – the surgery has to happen because the tear is in a place that is cut off from the blood supply and has no ability to heal itself, so the only solution is breaking and entering.

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