This curly-haired charmer is just one of many sheep I saw today at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival [correction given in the comments below – this is not in fact a sheep, it’s an angora goat!]  Many, many sheep. So many sheep. Wow, did I see lots of sheep today. It was lots of fun and I bought a pile of discounted yarn, and I won some gorgeous wine-colored cashmere yarn as a raffle prize, and, most importantly, I found the spindle I was looking for (click the picture! it gets bigger!)

Acorn spindle

I didn’t know that this was the spindle I was looking for; I thought I was looking for a nice, functional and somewhat decorative drop spindle. This is not a drop spindle; as you can see it has a little bowl it sits in. It spins in the bowl instead of dropping. But, look, it’s an acorn! So druidy.

I have yet to spin with it because I’m still exhausted from spending the day tromping around the sheep show. I also now have a mountain of yarn that I have to play with (some of it can be seen behind the spindle – gorgeous nubby purple yarn that is a discontinued color and so was on sale for a ridiculously low price.)

Edit on 5/7 for Maebius – here’s what I’ve done so far with the purple yarn – it will be a scarf in basketweave stitch. Might do a matching hat but not in basketweave; that would look too much like having a basket on your head.

Purple yarn