The element of Earth represents the material basis of existence, and in the Second Degree curriculum it refers especially to the foundations of Druid training as presented in the curriculum of the First Degree.” – from the AODA second degree curriculum (all quotes are from that page.)

Goals – Once a week, go for a walk with the intention of better connecting to the local environment. Do the appropriate gardening tasks for May (plant tomatoes!). Stop using grocery bags! My goal for this month is to not take one single grovery bag, paper or plastic, from the store. I’ve actually already failed at this – did just fine with the grocery store, but I stopped off at the wine store after work today and before I even thought about it I walked out the door with a bottle of wine in a plastic bag. Oops. It’s not going to be easy because it’s so habitual.

Do my private Beltaine ceremony – not really a “goal” because it already happened but it is something important happening in May.
Daily meditation

The element of Water represents the emotions, and in the Druid tradition it also relates to growth and the development of wisdom.

Continue with the Difficult Questions series of blog posts.

Work on starting that study group.

The element of Air represents the intellect, the dawn ray of illumination that brings clarity and insight to the mind.

Write that review of Piggott that I meant to do for ages now.

The element of Spirit represents the hub of the turning wheel of the elements, the transcendent dimension around which all else takes shape”

I’ve started working with the Sisterhood of Avalon. I’m not going to say anything more here about that work, because it is by nature private and not for sharing – but it’s the biggest Spirit thing going on in my life right now.Spirals –

Music – keep plugging away at the tinwhistle. Find a way to break that plateau and make it fun again!

Divination – work with Duir this month.
Fiber craft – practice more knitting, and work with my new support spindle.

Healing – my husband is getting knee surgery this month – I will help him to recover as quickly and well as possible.