May flew by this year. It was Beltane and then all of a sudden it was Memorial Day Weekend. I didn’t write very much here on the blog this month, mostly because I did a whole lot of writing that wasn’t the sort of thing I wanted to make public. I want to do better on that next month, because writing for a public audience is so different from writing for myself or for a smaller private circle. Public writing makes me think differently, and it’s good practice.

OK, enough of what I didn’t do – on to what I did.

Goals – Once a week, go for a walk with the intention of better connecting to the local environment. Do the appropriate gardening tasks for May (plant tomatoes!). Stop using grocery bags! My goal for this month is to not take one single grocery bag, paper or plastic, from the store.

This all worked out very well. My tomato plants are already past knee-height, and starting to flower. This has been an extra-verdant spring around here. Not using grocery bags was an easy habit for me to get into, mostly because I don’t do the whole big-supermarket, wire-cart kind of shopping. I get my food from the farmer’s market, Reading Terminal, or Trader Joe’s, and all those places are very friendly to alternative bagging practices. I also shop in small amounts, a few times a week, so I never need to have a whole bunch of bags all at once. I’m kind of ashamed that it took me so long to commit to this as a practice, considering how easy it is. The hardest part is whenI go somewhere like the drug store or the wine store, where they bag everything right away before you can say anything. I failed once, at the beginning of the month, at Staples when I went to get some office supplies – it was so automatic that I was out the door with my stuff in a plastic bag before I even realized it. I though of going back in and returning the bag, but that would have been an involved process and the checkout person probably would have thrown it out anyway. At least it got recycled.

Do my private Beltaine ceremony – not really a “goal” because it already happened but it is something important happening in May.

This was nice, as always. There was one little oddity, for me, with this – I had promised a while back to do something to honor Lugh at my Beltaine ceremony, and I didn’t. I realized this as I was sitting on the grass at the Sheep and Wool festival after a long day of walking around looking at sheep. I was going through my various purchases, lots of yarn and a new spindle, when it hit me that I had forgotten to honor Lugh at Beltaine, and I immediately felt bad. So I put down my stuff and closed my eyes and said a little apologetic prayer. I got an answer right away – “I’m the god of all crafts, remember? You just spent an entire day devoted to your craft. That’s a pretty good honor, right there. Well done, keep it up.” That made me feel better, and not only that, reminded me of what this whole God thing is about – not just some abstraction that happens in front of an altar, but an important and integrated part of life.

Daily meditation

Well, yeah.

Continue with the Difficult Questions series of blog posts.

Well, I did the writing part but not the blog part. The SoA has been keeping me very busy with deep and important questions, and none of that gets to be here. So I kind of did this, and kind of didn’t.

Work on starting that study group.

I am rethinking whether I want to do this right now. I am currently involved in three different groups – the AODA, the SoA, and Llynhydd grove. All three of them allow me to associate with a variety of interesting, intelligent and amazing people, and I have to give something to all of them. I like all three of them. I feel like those three influences working together in my life are bringing me some great experience, spiritually, mentally and socially. I’m not sure I need yet another group to put energy into. Llynhydd is going in an interesting new direction, and I’d rather send the energy that could have gone into a study group into the Grove instead.

Anyone in the Philadelphia area – our rituals are open to all, they take place in Ridley Creek Park, and the next one is June 24th. Please come. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a student of Druidry – as long as you are respectful, we’re happy to have you.

Write that review of Piggott that I meant to do for ages now.

This is staying on the To Do list until it gets done. I will get to it eventually.

I’ve started working with the Sisterhood of Avalon. I’m not going to say anything more here about that work, because it is by nature private and not for sharing – but it’s the biggest Spirit thing going on in my life right now.

Yep. Suddenly I have all these sisters that I didn’t have before. I love them. I hope it continues to be this good.

Spirals –

Music – keep plugging away at the tinwhistle. Find a way to break that plateau and make it fun again!

I think I figured out the problem here – it’s not so much the plateau as it is the season. All the windows are open now and (horrors) the neighbors can hear me. I’m all shy like that. I get self-concious, and that’s no fun. I need to find a place to practice where this is not a problem.

Divination – work with Duir this month.

On the last day of May, I visited an enormous old oak with some friends. We read poems to the oak tree – it was lovely. It was also a very nice way to wrap up a month of studying Duir, the Oak ogham. I also bought the “Celtic Tree Oracle,” which is a divination deck based on the Ogham. I like the feel of cards, and I like being able to lay them all out in front of me and play with relationships among the symbols. I would still like to have a set of Ogham sticks made from the appropriate woods, and this will come to me someday, but for study, I like the cards.

Fiber craft – practice more knitting, and work with my new support spindle.

Knitting up a storm, still. I also crocheted a foraging bag out of some super-cheap wool yarn that I got at Sheep and Wool. I’m working on a series of small crocheted cat toys to give to shelter kitties – these are being made from yarn that I’m getting from unpicking a thrift-store blanket, so they cost me almost nothing.

Healing – my husband is getting knee surgery this month – I will help him to recover as quickly and well as possible.

The surgery was postponed until June 8th. He’s actually feeling much better – so much better that if he had felt like this at the time, he never would have scheduled surgery. Comfrey and solomon’s seal. I also had a friend come to me this month for some herbal counseling – I was able to give her some tinctures and advice, so that was good.


2 Responses to “May accomplishments”

  1. Gia Says:

    I have only recently set out upon the Druid’s path, and just found your blog today. I am really enjoying the archived blog-posts! Thank you for sharing your journey!


    P.S. I find that walk-in closets are a great place to practice musical instruments. Of course, there’s no ventilation, so you can’t practice for very long . . ..

  2. nettle Says:

    Gia, I’m glad you like my blog! I’m always a little stunned that people who don’t know me bother to read what I write, so it makes me happy to see new people here.
    Walk-in closets might be good for practicing some instruments, but I would be afraid to play a tinwhistle in a closet unless I was wearing earplugs with earmuffs over the top and maybe a hat as well. Tinwhistle sounds great wafting through the trees or echoing off the hills – not so much in enclosed spaces.

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