say it with me… awwww…

I saw this little guy today on my normal Saturday walk in the cemetery. He was one of two that I saw. I went there with my notebook and Ogham cards and some reading I wanted to do, and I found a nice cozy spot under a very old oak tree. After a half an hour or so, I saw a flicker fly from the oak above me. This got my attention since flickers came up a few days ago in conversation, and I had never seen one in this area before. I’ve found feathers, but never saw one in person. I watched as it flew, and its path drew my attention to someone watching me. Someone small and brown and covered with spots, in a shady spot between two tombstones. She had to have been there the whole time, and she was less than ten feet away, but she was so well hidden that I would not have seen her had the flicker not drawn my eye. She seemed very calm, but quite aware of me, and younger than the one pictured above. Mama deer was nowhere in sight. I know that mama deer stash their babies in safe places during the day while going off and taking care of mom-deer business, but I was still concerned that my continued presence that close to her child was keeping her away, so I gathered my stuff and found another tree.

I know this deer herd very well – I see them whenever I go walking in their cemetery. This particular cemetery was originally a riverside estate in the 18th century. The mansion is still there. The owner of the estate was a friend of Jefferson’s and shared his botanical interests – the grounds were an arboretum with many unusual trees. It became a cemetery in the mid 19th century. It’s the closest thing to a wild place that I have right now, though it’s not all that wild. I still get to see deer and flickers, though.