This is odd to write without an actual list of goals – I missed having that this month. I like the feeling of knowing that I did what I set out to do, and without the setting out, it’s harder to sort out the accomplishing. The June accomplishment post, then, will be very free-form.

Air path – Besides the Nicholas Mann book, reviewed below, I also read Orion Foxwood on “The Faerie Teachings.” The thing about faeries is, no two people seem to agree on what the thing about faeries is. Talking to others about faeries, or reading what others have written, I find that no one’s faeries are quite like mine. The again, no one’s faeries are quite like each other’s, either. I think that’s part of their nature, to always appear as something a little different and never to quite let us see what they really are – if they “really are” anything. They like to lead humans down the garden path, as it were, and many people who have interacted with faeries think they know something because they’ve been told it’s so – by the faeries. Hence, as soon as anyone starts writing about faeries they find themselves in some kind of odd and convoluted place. Foxwood seems to be one of those humans – he has most certainly been with the faeries, he knows a great deal about them and much of what he has to say is both helpful and worthwhile. He says that all his information comes from Faerie, and I believe him. Sometimes, though, I think he needs to turn his coat inside-out and find his way back to solid ground. Still, it’s a very good book overall and one of the few I’ve found on faeries that has useful things to say.

Fire Path – We had an excellent Solstice ritual with LlynHydd this month, made all the better for having been co-created by several of us. I (heart) my Grove.

Earth path – I have been meditating every day, of course. The Avalonian stuff I’ve been working with has been taking up more and more of my time, and I’m going to have to come to some sort of understanding of how the AODA stuff and the Avalon stuff overlap, intertwine, and part ways. I need to set up some boundaries, because some of it does not mix. We also have the AODA inner grove stuff going on, which I can’t say much about here except that it rocks. I (heart) my Order.

Spirals – music is still kind of stalled. I need to work on this. Knitting is going great. Ogham studies are plugging along – no great breakthroughs there, just steady work which I really like.

Blogging, which also seems to be part of this whole thing, got kind of frivolous this month. I’m thinking I need to change the subheading of this blog. It started out as a place for me to keep track of my work along the AODA second degree curriculum, and it still is that, but it’s other things as well. I still want to keep it a Druidry-specific thing, but I seem to have three distinct strains of Druidry going on now – AODA, SoA, and LlynHydd. They all overlap, as I said, but they also part ways sometimes. I don’t write about SoA stuff here, because there’s an appropriate place for that and this isn’t it. I can’t just pretend it’s not happening, though, so that needs to get figured out.