1. Traditional :: medicinal
  2. Popeye :: doyle
  3. Gin :: rummy
  4. Harsh :: mistress
  5. Topless :: dancer
  6. The thing :: in the well
  7. Defiant :: brink
  8. Huge :: manatee
  9. Food :: Drink
  10. Lenny :: Karl


These were fun. I have no idea what The Thing in the Well is. The Huge Manatee (“oh, the huge manatee!“) tells me that I spend too much time online if that’s my first association with the word “huge.” Actually, it wasn’t – my first thought was Hugh Jass, but I realized that this was a pun on “huge” and so did not count, and went with my next impulse. So, really, if I’m being honest, 20% of my subconscious is taken up by Simpsons references.

“Harsh mistress” is from the title of a Heinlein novel (“The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”) and I have no idea what “defiant” and “brink” have to do with each other. “Traditional Medicinals” is the brand name of a line of herbal teas. Popeye Doyle was the name of a detective from an old movie.