I didn’t do a “Goals” list for August because I had lots going on and too much to do at work, so I thought I’d give myself a break. I still got quite a bit done, though.

Pagan Pride was an interesting experience. Our local Pagan community is nearly nonexistent. I don’t mean that there aren’t any Pagans – walk down the street at any given time in my neighborhood and you will see people with pentacle necklaces, Triple Goddess tattoos, all that sort of thing. There are multiple groups that practice together openly, many more that are private, and solitaries all over the place. The thing is, though, nobody talks to each other. I don’t know if it’s like this in other cities. We have the Delaware Valley Pagan Network, a group that tries valiantly to get everyone, you know, networking, but there doesn’t seem to be nearly as much interest as there should be.

Our Grove was the only local group that had it together enough to organize and perform a public ritual. A few other groups were supposed to, but nobody did. A few local groups had people there, but many more did not. I don’t understand this. I suppose it’s possible that most of us aren’t interested in networking or getting to know who else is out there. I can’t imagine why not, though. We’re Pagans, we’re interesting!

The ritual was good, though, especially under the circumstances. We had one little corner of the park, which was also occupied by a farmer’s market, a flea market, and some kind of children’s LARPing event that involved lots of kids running around bashing each other with foam weaponry. We were between the kids and the flea market and the street, where an ice cream truck was persistently doing its annoyingly loud thing. (It’s probably wrong of me to hate ice cream trucks, but I do hate them. I hate them so much.) Mr. Nettle was there, and he said, “You guys actually raised some power – I’m amazed that it could be done under those circumstances.” This about sums it up. It was a very nice ritual. I was a little nervous because I was never before involved in organizing a public ritual with so many people, but it seemed to go well enough, considering. My grove, as always, was awesome – everyone did a little, and as a result, a lot got done. That is how it should be.

I’ve been working with the Quantum Touch stuff, as part of my healing work – very interesting, and useful.  I’m also doing more and more with the Avalonian material. It’s very inwardly-focused, and involves lots of introspection and self-knowledge. I need this but it isn’t easy. I read someone somewhere (I can’t remember where) putting down the Sisterhood as “fluffy” paganism. Hah. I guess it looks that way because we put lots of emphasis on being really nice to each other, and we like shiny things and talk about our feelings all the time. Really, though, it’s hard, serious work that runs very close to the bone. We have to be nice to each other or we couldn’t get anything done. Plus, there’s assignments – I love assignments!

I knitted a really nice purple wool shawl. It’s the first thing I’ve ever made that came out exactly like I thought it would when I started.

I read a couple of good books. Mysteries of Druidry, by Brendan Cathbad Myers, was quite good, for the most part. I signed up for the Daily Lit of “Varieties of Religious Experience,” so I’ve been slowly digesting that, piece by piece. I also started an Ogham book. Not an Ogham notebook – I have one of those for study and notes and such, with lots of scribbles. My Ogham book is a nice bound unlined blank book. I have it divided up into sections for each few, and every month, I make a section for the Ogham of the Month. Last month was Muin, this month will be Gort. One page is a drawing of the tree, with the symbol, and the next two pages are notes from all my various books about the few. I have several books and they all give slightly different takes on each one, so I wind up flipping through multiple books all the time. This way, I’ll just need to consult my own book, which will have notes from all the books. Plus, making the pages is a great study practice, and doing the drawing is a meditation.

I’m feeling a little scattered and not blogging much (see post below this one as to why – family-type crisis) but I hope to do more this month.