So, I’ve been rereading Wuthering Heights via Daily Lit and of course as soon as I got to the bit where the ghost is at the window, I immediately started humming “it’s me, it’s cathy, I’ve come home…” and since this blog has been having a Kate Bush-a-thon lately I went looking for the video and found all kinds of fun things. Kate does wierd and ghostly better than anyone, and though I used to think her performance was way over the top on that song, after watching some fairly mediocre covers (OK, Pat Benatar’s was pretty good) I think Kate’s got it just right. I mean, she’s a ghost, she’s supposed to be terrifying! She’s come for your SOUL!

edit: <smack self on head> Snape = Heathcliff! Why did I not see this before?

anyway, below are some of the fun things I found. plus, the semaphore version to get you up to speed on the story.

Ukulele Orchestra of GB – Wuthering Heights

Everyone, all together now, HEATHCLIFF!

Wuthering Heights

they even do Kate’s choreography!

Kate Bush-Wuthering Height

ok, here’s the real thing.

Monty Python- Semaphore version of Wuthering Heights

… and, in semaphore!