I do the “goals/accomplishments” thing on this blog all the time, and tonight seems like the time to look back and look ahead. My accomplishments, Druid-wise, for 2007 have been:

I became actively involved with a local Druid grove (yay Darach Dubh!) I have learned to knit fairly well, which is part of my “elective spiral” for the AODA. I have realized that this spiral will take some time to accomplish, since I decided that it would be done when I could raise and care for a sheep, shear it, spin its wool, and knit something useful from the wool. It will be at least another year and probably more before I am living anywhere that I can keep sheep. I can work on the knitting and spinning for now, though. I have begun to work with the Ogham as a divination tool. Like, I suspect, most divination systems, it keeps revealing deeper layers. I have learned how to do the entire AODA grove opening and closing ritual by heart, and I have also learned the same for the SoA solitary ritual. I can draw a labyrinth in the snow now. I took a big role in composing and performing a public ritual for Philadelphia Pagan Pride day. In 2006, I took part in the PPPD ritual and felt all wistful about not being part of a group that could do something like that. A year later, there I am in the middle of the circle looking at all those faces and helping to make it happen. Hooray for progress. I have done some intense personal work with the SoA and started what I hope will be a lifelong relationship with Rhiannon and Cerridwen, and I have made some great new virtual SoA friends. I have begun to learn about energy healing. I have read and learned a whole lot about the ancient Celts, Welsh and Irish mythology, and Revival druidry.

There have been some pretty huge bumps in my mundane life, mostly due to an ongoing unpleasant situation that my husband is involved in (which I have not and will not talk about here) and an illness in the family, and in some ways 2007 has been pretty miserable. However, it’s really been a great year for my spiritual path, and I have a good job, good health, good friends, a loving partner, a comfortable, safe home and secure access to really good food. There have been many years where I couldn’t say all that, and a few where I had almost none of those things, so all in all this has been a good year for me.

For 2008, I want to continue my Druid studies. I want to continue my involvement with Darach Dubh. I want to keep knitting and learn to spin. I keep trying to teach myself and it’s just not working, so I need to take a spinning class – a few of the yarn shops offer them and I want to take one in 2008. I am also going to start, as of January 1st, doing an Ogham reading every day and keeping a journal. I have kind of fallen off the wagon for the music spiral – I reached a point where what I really needed was regular lessons, and I can’t afford that right now. So I’m putting the music on hold for a bit, and switching to the Magic spiral. I’ve been reading JMG’s new book, “The Druid Magic Handbook,” (I can’t recommend this book highly enough!) and feeling inspired, so I want to work with that.

I am recommitting to daily practice. There are certain things that I want to do every day. Besides the Ogham reading, I want to do a morning devotional practice every single morning and an evening meditation practice every single night. I used to do this all the time but the past few months it just seems like I don’t get to it and there’s really no excuse for that. I am maintaining my SoA involvement and will finish the Gold Ray quest this year and start on the next one. I would really like to get to an SoA intensive weekend some time this year but that may not be possible, so it’s a wish, not a resolution. I am also going to walk to work every day, unless the weather is really extreme. I need the exercise and I need to get outside more, and walking saves me $70 a month in SEPTA fees, so there is no reason not to do it. I can also use the time for a morning walking meditation.

I also want to post a blog entry at least once a week. I would like to write more for an audience and less for myself. I’ll still keep doing my goals/accomplishments personal type posts, because those are really helpful for me, but I would also like to write things that other people would like to read and maybe get more people reading this. I need the writing practice. I also want to comment more on others’ blogs – I read plenty of them but I hardly ever comment, and I like the kind of warm pseudo-community feeling that happens with blog commenting. There are some blogs where the comments section is as interesting as the actual entries because the readers are that good. I think the comments I do get are from people who are that interesting, but I don’t do enough to inspire them, which means working harder at writing thoughtful posts. I don’t do enough of that.

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2008 is a happy, peaceful and prosperous year for us all.