Mr. Nettle and I just bought ourselves a present. We got a six-foot wooden fence to go around our backyard. This weekend, we’ll add some trelliswork that will take it up to eight feet, and we’re going to plant vines that will cover it all. This is a wonderful thing for me, because it means I finally have some private space outdoors. Where I live, going outdoors alone late at night is not a good idea unless you have a really big dog, which I don’t. Now I have a place that feels safe and private. It’s not really private, because the neighbors are right there on all sides and have windows that easily look down into the yard, but that’s not so bad. If they’re going out of their way to spy on me, it’s their problem, not mine. I don’t mind being seen as the crazy hippie chick, so long as I’m left alone, and the fence will really help with being left alone.  It’s going to be my own little temple back there, and it will be so well warded and safe that any intruders with ill intent will get mugged by fairies the minute they set foot inside the gate. The locked gate.

We did our first ceremony out there in honor of Alban Eiler. We lit a fire in our little fire pit and I got to wear my spiffy new robe and we did a nice quiet ceremony and ritually sacrificed a chocolate bunny. Dove dark chocolate bunnies are really good. It was mostly a calm and subdued little ritual, just me and the mr., but at the very end just when I was closing the grove, a wind came up and for a moment I felt like this (linked because I don’t know about the copyright on the image and I’m sensitive about that sort of thing.)