My Druid grove had our Beltaine ceremony today. (For Anne only: it was awful! you missed nothing! no need to read further!) There was a forecast for rain and I fully expected to be doing ceremony in the rain, which is OK, but instead we got a glorious sunny spring day, which is much better than OK. A few of us took a hike to visit our namesake black oak, and as usual I was most interested in saying hi to all the lovely spring weeds coming up. Tons of garlic mustard, naturally – a destructive invasive that is also delicious (I made garlic mustard mashed potatoes last night were delicious – saute garlic mustard leaves in butter, then add to mashed potatoes and bake for 10-15 minutes), wild ginger, false solomon’s seal, jack-in-the-pulpit, mayapples all in bloom – wild plants of the deciduous understory are for some reason some of my favorites. They feel like companions, even the poison ivy.

The ceremony was wonderful as always (shh, don’t tell Anne!) and Muin taught us all to make woven chain:

That’s a woven copper bracelet that I made. Actually, Muin walked me through it like a five-year old in arts and crafts, started and finished it for me, and took over whenever I bungled it too much, but the bulk of the actual weaving was done by me! Me! With some practice I could get good at it.

After we finished I took a walk to an area where I hoped to find some more fun and interesting plants. I found a lovely big patch of my dearest friend, stinging nettle. I wasn’t quite prepared for her as I had no gloves, but she and I have a pretty good understanding and I can pick a fair quantity without getting stung. At the first sting I stopped, and saw that I had enough for a nice pot of soup. So that was dinner tonight – nettle soup. I looked around for something a little different than my usual form of nettle soup and found one here that I made almost to the recipe (very unusual for me – recipes are for inspiration, not instruction, in my world) except I used potato starch instead of flour for a thickener and dried dill rather than fresh. The egg was a really nice touch.

When I started this whole blog thing, I made a solemn promise that I would never write a post that said “Sorry I haven’t been writing much,” because those are just pointless and I’m not really sorry, and this still isn’t one of those posts, but I do want to say that I will get to the duality synchroblog one of these days. It’s a great topic. I have been having vision problems lately that make it hard to look at a computer screen for very long, and since I have to look at a computer screen in order to make a living, I’ve been limiting my non-work computer time. My eye doctor says that a new special expensive pair of glasses will solve the problem, so when those come in I will go back to wasting enormous amounts of time on the interwebby-thingy and writing something besides recipe posts and rambly unedited posts about How My Day Went.