Anne Johnson of The Gods are Bored, Mahud of Between Old and New Moons, and the Executive Pagan all awarded me the “I love your blog” award. I am honored! All three are wonderful and intelligent bloggers and to be acknowledged by them is like… like being acknowledged by other people who do the same thing you do only they do it better (see, they all would have come up with a better metaphor.) So thank you very much!

Now I get to spread the love. I get to give the award to seven more people! Needless to say, I love The Gods are Bored, Between Old and New Moons, and Executive Pagan, but they already got theirs so it seems pointless to award them right back. But I would, if they hadn’t beaten me to it. And, see how I slipped in three more blogs than technically allowed? Sneaky!

I’m passing on the award, and I’m bucking the trend by including some non-Pagan blogs. My list is eclectic but reflects just a few of the blogs that I always keep up with.

Pagans first:

WitchDoctorJoe’s RattleBone, Rants and Raves. – I just found this one the other day and I’m including it here so that all my blog-friends can go read. Witchdoctor Joe is a beautiful writer and displays breathtaking courage in every single post. Joe, I love your blog!

The Expvlsion of the Blatant Beast – Not so much a Pagan blog as the blog of a really smart writer and Oxford-educated medievalist who often writes about subjects interesting to us pagans. His post on Taliesin is on my (nonexistant) list of the Top Blog Posts Written By Anyone Ever.

Meadowsweet and Myrrh – I’m including Ali’s blog here even though I know she’s already gotten the award, but I’m giving it again because she hasn’t posted in ages, her last post was on kind of a worrying topic, and I’m hoping that attention to her blog will draw her back to it. She’s a talented poet and a rare and valuable Christian voice in our little blogland.

This next one is and isn’t a Pagan blog – it’s author is my Archdruid, the esteemed John Michael Greer, but the topic is mostly secular.

The Archdruid Report is a sensible, clear-eyed discussion of the coming downfall of Western civilization. Usually, I have little patience for “end of the world” writers – they often seem a little too eager to get it all over with – but, if you read the blog, you’ll see that he’s not really talking about the end of the world, just some long-range changes that are bound to take place. It’s one of those blogs where you have to keep going back to read the comments, because they are always good.

And now for the totally not-Pagan:

Casaubon’s Book is another not-really-the-end-of-the-world blogs. Sharon Astyk writes about the troubles she sees in the future, but does so with practical good humor. This post is my recommended reading as an introduction to her style and content.

Automatic Earth – if maybe Sharon Astyk or John Michael Greer gave you some hope that things won’t be so bad and maybe you can just put in some tomatoes and raise some ducks and it will all work out in the end, the Automatic Earth is there to suck that hope away. It’s my downer of the day, and I at least skim it every single day. Ilargi and Stoneleigh pull together the financial news of the day, bringing disparate threads of a story into a coherent picture. Each daily post includes some commentary and a whole bunch of articles from the financial press. The stories they cover are very important but usually buried in the financial pages. As Ilargi says in today’s post: “When it comes to economic reality nowadays, and especially media coverage of it, 99% of the population seems to be made up of two kinds of people: Those who don’t know, and those who don’t want to know. ”

Ballastexistenz – this one is totally off the theme, but it’s absolutely a blog I love, so it gets the nod. Amanda Baggs is an autistic woman who blogs about disability rights and her life as a nonverbal, physically disabled adult. She writes eloquently and has gotten me to think about things that I would never have thought of concerning disabled people and people with autism.