Mahud tagged me for the “six random things” meme. I like being tagged because it makes me feel like one of the cool kids, all popular and appreciated, but the idea of coming up with “random facts” about myself sends my brain into vapor lock. I did a similar meme a while back and it was fun but I’m still not sure how to go about pulling sufficiently random facts out of my brain.

So I’m cheating and instead echoing Mahud’s six things in my own list.

1. I’m currently reading “The Tree of Enchantment” by Orion Foxwood. It’s very good. I like it even more than I like his other book, and I really like his other book. I liked it enough that I shot off an email yesterday to the Foxwood people to find out about his teaching and workshop schedule. They sent a very polite and informative answer – businesslike but friendly. Made a good impression. One of the reasons I like the book so much is that it echoes my own visionary experiences, sometimes in startlingly specific detail. It’s an attention-grabber to read a detailed description of an otherworldly being that you have already met. I’m also rereading W E B DuBois’ “Souls of Black Folks,” because it seems like the correct thing to read at this moment in history.

They are rising—all are rising—
The black and white together.

2. I was a huge Sandman fan in my youth. I would schedule trips to the comic book store to make sure I was there the day a new one was to come out. I haven’t picked them up in many years. I would like to reread the whole thing eventually, but I’m nervous that it might disappoint now that I’m so far away from teenagerdom. It was exactly what I needed to read at that time in my life, though.

3. I am still working on my NaNoWriMo novel from last year. It’s one reason why I’m not doing it this year. I love writing fiction. I’ll let you know when and if I decide it’s ready to show anyone.

4. I am not in contact with anyone that I knew before the age of twenty or so except my immediate family. I had a few close friends in high school who all dropped away very quickly after all that was over. There is one that I would like to hear from again. I know where he is living and what he is doing through the magic of google-stalking, but after twenty years it just seems too weird to make contact. There is another who I parted on in bad terms, and I wouldn’t mind hearing from her just for closure reasons, I don’t know if she still thinks badly of me. I don’t care about the conflict that parted us anymore – it was so long ago that it doesn’t seem to matter at all – but I fear that any new contact would reopen old conflicts and I have no interest in that.

5. My surname and most of my paternal ancestry is Acadian from way back. On my mother’s sides, it’s all northern European  – English, Irish, and some Swedish. All of my ancestors have been on this continent for  centuries. I once did a geneological search for the most recent immigrant and found him in 1740.

6. I don’t remember my first myth. I remember seeing a picture of the Parthenon for the first time in a picture book from very early childhood and feeling like I knew exactly what it was and what it was for. I esepcially loved the horses in the friezes.


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