We just had a perfect spring weekend, with blue skies, sunshine, soft breezes, singing birds, and flowers everywhere. I got my veggie beds ready for planting. They are now cleaned up of last year’s debris and this year’s early weeds, turned, amended and almost ready for planting in a week or two. I even got my first harvest in the form of a fat dandelion root that is now floating in vinegar. My fennel from last year decided to come back – I didn’t think it would overwinter, but there were nice new fennel shoots coming from a giant fennel root. That stuff grows fast – I started it from seed last year. I hadn’t planned on fennel again this year, and space is pretty limited, so I dug up the root and baby fennel greens and put it in a big container. If it continues to flourish I will have a big potted fennel for a long, long time. My parsley is coming back, too. I tried to leave it alone – I was trying to get the whole bed turned but I avoided the area around the parsley. I don’t know if I damaged it or not. I hope not, but since I wasn’t planning on parsley this year either, it will just be a bonus if it does well.

This year, I’m focusing on the things that did well last year – mostly beans, tomatoes and peppers, plus a couple of eggplants. I’m giving some Asian greens a try in hopes that I can outwit the slugs, but my hopes are not high. I get enormous and frighteningly clever slugs. I’m also trying a melon and some squash, even though they failed last year, because I feel like I ought to be able to grow them. I moved that bed to a slightly sunnier spot. Maybe it will work this time. I’m also trying cowpeas for the first time, and, for novelty, a ground cherry.

You probably didn’t notice, but I took my blogroll out a while back. I wasn’t updating it and it was getting increasingly out of date, clogged with blogs that had been abandoned or changed focus or title, and I felt like I needed to either update or delete. So I deleted, but I intend to eventually get around to constructing a new and better blogroll, because I think connecting with others is really the whole point of blogging, and a list of links helps to create a network. It will be back eventually. Please leave a comment if you know of (or are) a fabulous blogger. I have a stack of usual suspects who will go on the list, but I’d love to widen that circle.