I finished this shawl the other night. The pattern is pretty simple and can be found here. I did it on size 15 needles instead of the suggested 13 to get something a little bigger and looser. I enjoyed making it but I especially like it because all the yarn for it was freecycled from someone who had more yarn than room. Making practical use of something that might have been thrown away gives me a warm feeling of moral satisfaction, so it makes the shawl just that much better. It’s like the feeling of finding something you really want on sale at a steep discount, only more so.

The not-reading, not-writing thing is going along in an excruciating fashion and I’m figuring out what I was meant to get from it. I can’t say more than that. Tempted, but can’t. It will have to wait for the end of the experiment.  I have fallen somewhat off the wagon in the past few days but I’m struggling my way back on.

I have a copy of T. Thorn Coyle’s “Evolutionary Witchcraft” waiting to be read when reading happens again. I never read it before because it just looked like another boring newbie witch book. I’ve been listening to her podcasts, though, and really liking what I hear, so i figured it was time to read the book. I also just bought subscription to NewWitch magazine – I was underwhelmed by it when I first saw it in the bookstore and never really paid attention, but I always liked PanGaia and was sad to hear that it soon would be no more. Since I only ever bought one copy, I felt like I’d failed to support something I liked and felt bad about that. I want us to still have print periodicals, so I thought I should just do my part and subscribe, and hope that the good stuff that was in PanGaia will show up in the new NewWitch. Maybe next month, budget permitting, I’ll sign up for Thorn as well.