“Say you never ate dirt? You’re a plain fool.
All the good things dirt got in it. Full of grit. Now who can’t use some? Don’t be making faces at me. I know what I’m talking about.
Dirt got sunshine in it. Years on end of light in a mouthful.
And dead folks is in the dirt, just a-talking and a-dancing. Swallow some, and they’ll tell you things. You’ll get a old folks mind in a young folks heart. Help you step clear of trouble.
And moles gone through the dirt so the dark won’t feel strange to you no more.
Don’t look at me funny. Better take your ears out your ass and listen. Dirt got God’s tears in it.
Me, I eat dirt regular. Every other day. Dirt grows sweet corn and trees big as houses. Just think what it’ll do for you. Better eat you some dirt, honey, and see what grows in you.”

~ by Constance Garcia-Barrio