Last night, I dreamed that I was in a classroom. A class was just about to start. My fellow students were of many different ages and backgrounds, and I knew that the class was one that was offered outside of the normal curriculum. It was intended as a personal enrichment course for anyone interested, not as part of a degree program. I had a heavy textbook and a notebook and pencils. It was the first day of class, and I was eager to begin. I wasn’t sure of the subject – I knew it was one of the sciences, as we were in a room with a lab setup.

The teacher came in and put some images up showing various cellular structures. The class still wasn’t quite ready to start, so he busied himself with preparing some microscopic slides that I somehow knew were of unicellular life forms. At that point I realized that it was a biology class. I looked closer and saw that the teacher was actually the personification of Death. I laughed.

It probably helps that, probably thanks to Terry Pratchett, the Grim Reaper seemed like a friendly sort rather than a nightmare – the dream was not frightening in any way. I was amused to find that Death was there to teach me about the study of life. It was like the punch line to a joke.