My Free Will Astrology horoscope for the week:

These days, your gods can kick the butts of everyone else’s gods. Likewise, your lawyers and agents and sidekicks can most likely outwit, outdo, and out-wrestle everyone else’s. But it’s crucial to note that if you try to work alone, you will not be able to kick other people’s butts, let alone the butts of their gods, lawyers, agents, and sidekicks. The skills of your allies will be indispensable. The way I see it, your test in the coming days will be to overcome any tendency you might have to indulge in pathological levels of self-sufficiency as you cultivate a greater capacity to ask for and receive help.

Yup. I feel like energy is shifting, tides are turning, and I am very much looking forward to the New Moon tomorrow. May it bring needed changes and may my allies do what must be done.

limitless coverTo the book blogging – Chapter 2 of Kissing the Limitless is all about the life force, vital energy, what Thorn calls “life power.” Tapping into life power involves being able to still the center, what I’m accustomed to calling “grounding and centering.” Not wittering our power away in fruitless worrying or unproductive thought patterns; engaging in practices that build vitality rather than sapping it. All good, helpful things. Again there was really nothing new to me in this chapter but Thorn’s perspective on it made for a helpful reminder.  One insight that came to me out of reading this chapter is that most of our lives are made up of doing certain basic things: staying nourished and keeping a comfortable and safe home. Cooking and cleaning, really, and gathering resources so that we have things to cook and clean. That’s probably 90% of life. And we can look at 90% of life and think of it as something to get out of the way, or we can look at it as the substance of existence – when it comes to cultivating vitality, we have to draw it from everything we do. My job is, frankly, really dull and not very fulfilling to me, and I feel this is the biggest suck on my energy. I can’t do anything about that right now because I have other responsibilities to look after. I’m not sure how to fix that. But when I come home from work and have to face the dust bunnies and figure out what to eat for dinner, that’s not something that anyone ever gets to “fix.” There are no paths that I could take in life that will let me escape cooking and cleaning. So, in order to stay healthy and vital, cooking and cleaning have to be spiritual practices. (This is all my own meandering thoughts in response to the chapter, not something Thorn gets into here, just to be clear.) I get this and it’s something I strive for, but for some reason it never quite sank in until now that these activities are actually pretty fundamental and they HAVE to feed us back. Cleaning the house and making dinner are magical ceremonies, powerful rituals that transform us every single day. It’s all life, it all feeds life power.