Last Saturday, I went to a Mabon celebration hosted by a local Wiccan coven. I went without any particular expectations and with nothing more mind than a way to get out of the house, meet some new people, and do something besides mope. I’d heard good things about this group and their tradition, so I gave it a shot.

Walking up to the venue, I felt the normal nervousness of being somewhere new – is this the right place? Am I on time? Will anyone be nice to me? Then I saw some people unpacking cars and gathering by the door and felt an instant rush of relief – oh, these are my people! Part of it is, I’m sure, the familiarity of types – big women in full skirts, men with gray ponytails, cute geeky boys, pale gothy girls – the usuals one always sees at these things – my people!  I immediately stopped feeling nervous or like an outsider. Everyone looked familiar, everyone looked like we were already friends (one person I actually had met before – we went to school together – but were never social with each other before and had to talk a bit before we figured out the connection.) More than one person apologized for not remembering my name and was surprised when I told them that we hadn’t actually met before.

They did good ritual. It was well-designed, well-run, and well-performed. That was nice and I appreciated it, but more important for me personally was the feeling I had of fitting in with the group. I enjoyed their company. I don’t usually enjoy company of any kind unless I already know the people – I force myself to meet new people because it’s the only way of getting past my initial discomfort with strangers, but I don’t actually like it. This didn’t feel like meeting new people at all. It felt like catching up. So I have a crush on a coven.

I’m wary about it, because I’m aware that it is only a crush and is based on just a few hours spent with them, but I’m looking forward to seeing them again. Membership is a long, drawn-out process, which is all to the good, but I’m actually contemplating joining them. I didn’t have that in mind this time but next time I’ll go in with that perspective and see how it feels.

I have no intention of giving up my Druidry or my Druid group – where this feels like a new crush, my druid grove is my safe steady boyfriend (who sadly I had to stand up for Alban Elued this year) and fortunately neither one conflicts with the other in any way. Not even in terms of scheduling – Witches on Saturdays, Druids on Sundays! Works just fine.

I’m glad to have something new to work on right now. I’m re-committing to my Ogham studies, which I let slide this past year, and coming up with a plan for the rest of my AODA degree work. I feel like I’ve been doing that work all along anyway, but I would like to bring some of the threads I’ve been following together in a way that fits with that. I have some time and space to get things done and I refuse to waste it on being depressed. Back to the book-blogging soon.