An open heart is a tangible thing. There are people who walk around with their hearts wide open, all the time, and as long as they are healthy about setting boundaries, this open-heartedness can be felt and enjoyed by anyone who is paying attention. Love is healing and the ability to openly, honestly love anyone is a powerful healing ability. I was blessed to spend the equinox this year with a group who uses this fact in a ritual, spiritual way that has left me feeling euphoric, happy and aglow.

I haven’t felt euphoric, happy or aglow in a long, long time – the past few years have been horrible for me in a variety of soul-crushing ways. I think one of the reasons I feel happy is that I am profoundly grateful to be reminded that life is actually really beautiful.

Also, OMG I WALKED ON FIRE. That was pretty cool too. I also danced all night, literally. It’s got me thinking of signing up for a dance class again, for the first time in much too long.  It feels so, so good to move in beautiful ways.

I am finishing up my reiki class this week. I have my personal concept of reiki energy, which is my very own and I haven’t heard from anyone (though I haven’t studied much of reiki beyond what my teacher has said, and I’m not sure I want to – I seem to learn this skill mostly by doing it.) You know how the Universe has a constant background hum of radiation left over from the creation? I feel like it also has a universal background hum of love, from the same source. It’s not personal, it’s not about my own complicated feelings – it is simply that you exist in the universe, and so the universe loves you, and when I give reiki I feel like I’m tapping into that source and passing it along. A reiki session for me means I spend that time just loving you. The work is in learning how to get myself out of the way – my own ego, my desires for you to have a good outcome from the session, my need to be validated in the practice, my own messy and complex heart – to get all that out of the way and just let the love pour through.

I am amazed at how much good this does me.