I got back on Sunday from two days at the Spoutwood Fairie Festival. It was a good time, as expected. Just the right amounts of silliness and beauty, in appropriate proportions. The best part of the festival was of course meeting old and new friends. I went with my friend Maebius and his family, and of course my friend Anne, leader of the Mountain Tribe, was there with her lovely daughter. I got to see Andrew, the one who teaches me how to dance on fire, and my brilliant and multi-talented friend Molly, and the usual cast of characters that I always seem to run into at festivals, and many others. It was wonderful to see them all. I also got to meet, at long last, the Archdruid of the AODA, John Michael Greer. He’s every bit as brilliant and erudite in person as you would expect, and also much funnier, and I completely enjoyed his company (even though he turned my dog into a pig.)

I must be doing something right in life that I get to spend time with such wonderful people. I am nothing but grateful.