This past weekend, I went to my third Drum and Splash at Four Quarters Farm. One of my big life themes for the past year has been learning to live on my own. For all that I like to think of myself as an independent person, the fact is that I don’t run off and have adventures on my own all that much. I’m not good at meeting new people and I feel reserved and shy when in a crowd of strangers. I like to bring my own company with me.

I was apprehensive, then, when all the various friends and family who had said they would go with me all dropped out one by one. I was left to catch a ride with someone I barely knew and to camp with a bunch of strangers. I almost decided not to go, but I had been so looking forward to dancing to the drums and swimming in the creek that I couldn’t stay away. I meditated on it, and I heard a voice, a little whispering voice, tell me to go do it for Himself. Do it for Herne.

So I packed my things, my camping gear and my pretty party clothes, and I dedicated my weekend to Herne. When I got there, I found, as you might expect, that I wasn’t really alone on a crowd of strangers – I was among a whole bunch of friends I had only just met. The camp I stayed with took me in like I was family. I met amazing people and had amazing, silly, profound, hilarious, intense, passionate adventures with them – some of them, I hope, will continue to be my friends and share adventures with me back here in this world.

I love that I am strong and healthy enough to once more be able to dance all night. I love that I seem to have rediscovered my boldness and my sense of adventure. I love that there is a place where I can indulge this. I love that I can answer when the Horned One calls me out.

Thank You, Hunter.